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Aksak Project was born in Cremona, a North Italian city rich in history, arts and culture, famous worldwide for its violin makers; the home of Antonio Stradivari and Niccolò Amati. Beginning as a 'music lab' in 1996 the Project is an ensemble of differing musical souls: ethnic, classic, popular and jazz. The musical style suspended between East and West, North and South, creating a dynamic balance, a true mix of musical cultures, of ethno-jazz and world fusion.

Since its inception Aksak Project adopted the sea as a 'meeting point': the great Agorà of water, secular testimonies of exchange and interaction between different peoples and cultures. With this positive 'contamination' between styles, genres and cultures came the key to their project - a great opportunity for growth and knowledge.

The ensemble’s compositions are often characterized by asymmetrical rhythms (5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, etc.); in the Turkish musical lexicon 'aksak' means odd-time. and the instruments used come from the East, the Middle East, Central Africa Maghreb and South America, also from classical music and a western jazz tradition.

Their music is committed to telling a story of sounds that propagate through the waters and sail around the planet: the sounds of the world, the sounds that the wind brings to every part of the planet, the sounds that blend in the wind and confuse themselves until they get lost and find themselves in another music, in other stories, at other latitudes.

Today, more than ever, Aksak Project is a project 'open' to musicians who, for their training and inspiration help to contribute significantly to the 'contamination' process between their different music, genres and world cultures. A melting pot of ideas and world wide creative energies translated into quality world music.


'Namar' (2001)

EW Records / 2017 re-release: Ignorelands Records

NAMAR (The hidden water agorà) is the spot of many spots, of great peoples and lots of cultures. The same spot that has always given inspiration and will always inspire our music. The same spot where our music originated. We wished to show an organized work expressing music, poetics, image. The record title had to meet these special qualities and to represent a symbolic combination of different and complementary, languages.NAMAR embodies the crucial point of unsolved utopias of unfinished dreams, the sensitive centre of gravity for man and his restless soul in a nerve - racking wait for shared time. It is a water land, a free area full of unforseeable events and unlikely intersections, an atavistic crossroad of other sounds, colours, memories and poems.       

(8 tracks – instruments: oud, santur, gadulka, tambora, guitar, guitarron, doublebass, tenor and soprano sax, tabla, darbouka, tar, riq, udu drum, cymbals, effects)


'Buonvento' (2012)

AEMME Records / 2017 re-release: Ignorelands Records

After closing the file on 'Namar', 'Buonvento' the next work, is an opposite against threatening clouds gathering on the horizon, re-animating the weathervane beating inside ourselves; a soul 'anemometer' recording our inner state. When someone starts sailing, 'have a good wind' ('buonvento') is the wish. Thinking life as a journey, we like to believe, even without Debussy's elegance, our music could be a wish and wind too. A wind that in hard moments of our existence could breathe life into our soul, could give the necessary rush to set out again  on the  right course. Within the 14 tracks of 'Buonvento' (that took two years to create), we tried to look beyond East and West. Beyond the Euro-centric West, beyond the Celtic North and the Mediterranean South, to find other compositive inspirations. The introduction of voice in two songs; 'Bonvent' and 'Illunando' is here an innovation for Aksak Project.

(14 tracks – instruments: oud, santur, saz baglama, cello, guitar, indian harmonium, doublebass, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, udu drum, darbouka, cajon, bendir, riq, kalimba, cymbals, effects and voices)


'Sonos Mundi' (2015)

AEMME Records / 2017 re-release: Ignorelands Records

Here are our 'sounds of the world' (from Sardinian 'sonos' and Latin 'mundi'); at least, the sounds we have come to know and recognize during our explorations of life and music, a compilation of sounds and atmospheres running around and throughout the globe - from East to West, North to South - in an attempt to bless us with an emotion. We felt the need to leave a live recording of our music.. We wanted to put ourselves at stake by offering a good 'first take' job and included the violin which belongs to our own culture and tradition. We focussed on the inspiration and passion of those who have worked together with us in order to make this project successful. Here you'll find a selection of the most representative tracks of our repertoire, as well as others where the vigorous 'intrusions' of Eloisa Manera's violin (who did not take part in the studio recording) take possession of the scene. The music is given a new form and raises in emotional stature and effect. The sound take is exactly the one given by the mixer during the concert (thus, making it impossible to re-process the audio material at a later stage). We could call it a genuine and spontaneous self-shot (a 'selfie' if you like) of what happened on an around the stage during our performance.

(8 tracks – instruments: violin, oud, guitar, saz baglama, cello, indian harmonium, doublebass, soprano sax, wind midi controller, udu drum, darbouka, cajon, bendir, ocean drum, cymbals, effects and voices)

'Trebisonda' (2017)

AEMME Records / 2017 release: Ignorelands Records

For this new disc celebrating our 20 years of activity, we thought we would take the luxury of losing the head and rational control of our collective creative flair, much more than in the past and we attempt to intercept, explore and catch brand new sounds relying on event, circumstance, impromptu, or chance. 'Trebisonda' tells of a journey that, unlike previous ones, doesn't run along an itinerary of further landing places following a clear spatio-temporal scansion, but it simultaneously starts and runs in different directions and latitudes to meet other musics, knowledges and renovated emotional horizons. Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America populate and animate the tracks of this disc, fused and confused with each other to give substance and structure to a project we consider original and authentic. We wish this disc will get to each and every one as a touching sensory journey between sound and artwork, pleasantly peculiar and unconventional.

(12 tracks – instruments: oud, santur, greek laouto, saz baglama, cello, guitar, ronroco, charango, venezuelan cuatro, indian harmonium, sikus, violin, trumpet, flughehorn, piano,  doublebass, electric bass, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, mezoued, drums, udu drum, hang drum, kalimba, darbouka, djembè, cajon, ocean drum, daf, cymbals, effects and voices). Roberto Cipelli (pianist of the Paolo Fresu jazz quintet) special guest in 'Kalp'.

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