Although NOT accounting for sales, Ignorelands Corporate Awards (Platinum, Gold and Silver Records) are record company's awards conferred to albums, EPs or singles that satisfy a few quality requirements such as: 

- positive international reviews; 
- tracks airplayed on international radio/tv channels; 
- high figures of free/promotional downloads; 
- tracks released with strong circulation magazines; 
- engineers of international standing involved in the making of the album;
- scores and music sheets printed on strong circulation magazines;
- albums that were the focus of international tours.

Most of the times meeting just a few of the above requirements makes an album, an EP or a single outstanding among peer indie music works, but these accomplishments are hardly ever certified nor properly communicated to the public. The Ignorelands Corporate Awards are intended as a guide to the public: ICAs are aimed at singleing out quality indie records whose achievements went broadly unnoticed. As we are currently working on the releases of new acts but also on the re-release of a few 'cherry picked' high quality indie titles formerly released by previously existing record labels, ICAs are our quality certification tags: we will not let you down.

Ignorelands Corporate Platinum Records
Celtic Harp Orchestra 'The Myst' 
Celtic Harp Orchestra 'Tale of the Fourth' 
The Afterglow 'Decalogue of Modern Life' 
The Afterglow 'Sorry.' 
F.B.A. 'Till the sky shall fall' (2017 deluxe edition)

Ignorelands Corporate Gold Records
Celtic Harp Orchestra 'Got the magic' 
The Afterglow 'Pills, Parents and Pigs'
The Afterglow 'Modern Life Virus'
F.B.A. 'Fleadh & Alter' (2017 deluxe edition)

Ignorelands Corporate Silver Records
Celtic Harp Orchestra 'Fir Soar: Keltic' 
The Afterglow 'Love's the cure'