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Illiterate Move is the book publishing branch of Ignorelands. Submissions (pdf or docx) to ignorelands @ gmail.com

We wish to publish high quality unreleased written or visual works in any language. Although S.T.E.A.M. is our focus, we will consider also novels, fiction, graphic novels and poetry.

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In questo volume di espansione per SAGA (Gioco di Ruolo Narrativo) andremo oltre i confini del velo del reale, occupandoci di ciò che trascende la semplice materialità, approfondendo i dettagli sull’utilizzo del Mana, descrivendo le opere che garantiscono stabilità ai Poteri soprannaturali, scoprendo quei Pregi che trasformeranno i Personaggi Giocanti in entità sovrumane, dissertando su come poter raggiungere il rango di divinità e su come confrontarsi con esse, proponendo infine un elenco di PNG pronti all’uso per le storie del Narratore. In SAGA Svelata il Gioco di Ruolo Narrativo porta il Narratore e i Giocatori a toccare i segreti ultimi dell’universo, con tutte le conseguenze che questo comporta. Perché nei mondi di SAGA nulla è per nulla! E’ necessario disporre del volume di SAGA GDRN per poter applicare al meglio le opzioni proposte in SAGA Svelata.




Harpist and composer Fabius Constable is founder and director of the highly acclaimed and notorious Celtic Harp Orchestra.  Among the most appreciated modern harpists worldwide, over the yearsConstable composed several original musical works: this is the first, longtime awaited, collection of his scores finally available for both the C.H.O fans and Fabius’s students around the world. Fabius Constable’s compositions are impregnated with echoes of all his musical interests (Ancient Music, Flamenco and Celtic, Contemporary Music, Ethnic tunes), and influenced by his peculiar harp technique – a mix of Celtic, Classical and South American genres. Fabius and the Celtic Harp Orchestra regularly perform in Italy and abroad (Spain, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, China,  Latvia, Japan and Korea). Alongside touring, an intensive recording activity has led to the release of seven albums and two collections.

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‘Le cronache di Ishtar’ by Roberto Villa is Illiterate Move fourth book release.

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E se gli antichi astronauti ci avessero davvero visitato? In un tempo dove un popolo di alieni immortali, i Neter, hanno generato dall’ibridazione del proprio sangue gli esseri umani, si dipana la vicenda della  coraggiosa e ribelle Ishtar. La giovane Neter, nata sulla Terra e divisa fra le due culture, dovrà lottare per trovare la sua strada, far valere le sue convinzioni e affrontarne le conseguenze. Le Cronache raccontano della sua parabola nelle aule del potere dei Neter, dei suoi amori, di alleanze, inganni e oscuri segreti, mentre sullo sfondo si muove un’altra versione della storia dell’umanità.



‘Italiani in Venezuela’ by Giorgio Meletti is Illiterate Move third book release.

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The book is the true diary of a young Italian worker who migrated to Venezuela and lived in Cabimas for ten years between the 1950s and the 1960s. A story of oil, football, work, food, love, friendship, and all the ingredients of a funny but also bittersweet adventure.

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Illiterate Move team is working busily with its authors on a series of intriguing titles: ‘The Origins Songbook Collection’ by Fabius Constable; ‘Turin (UK): The Afterglow story through their songs’ by Dave Timson and Mik Lennard; ‘F.B.A: Live in Britannia 2002-2006’ by Maurizio Feregalli and Alan Jones; a catalogue of sculptor Ginka Benini’s statues; ‘How we carved Medieval Music in Rock’ by Aysar Capys; ‘Le Cronache di Ishtar’ by Roberto Villa.



SAGA by Roberto Villa is Illiterate Move first book release, Ignorelands book publishing branch.

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SAGA è un sistema di gioco di ruolo universale, focalizzato sul racconto e l’interpretazione, dove la casualità interviene solo quando non ci siano alternative o le avversità risultino predominanti. Le scelte dei Personaggi in SAGA avranno un valore cruciale, molto più della sola fortuna, nelle vicende che si troveranno ad affrontare negli universi creati dal Narratore, portando le loro storie alle soglie dell’eternità. Ai Giocatori di SAGA viene dato modo di generare rapidamente dei Personaggi perfettamente tagliati sulla loro ispirazione ed in grado di calarsi in qualsiasi ambientazione nella quale si trovino ad agire. Al Narratore di SAGA vengono forniti strumenti esaustivi per valutare i racconti e le interpretazioni dei Giocatori, piuttosto che per gestire le interazioni dei Personaggi con il mondo nato dalla sua fantasia, avendo come primo obiettivo il divertimento di tutti quanti.


YJYJ are Andre Deka (left) and Dave Timson (right)
YJYJ are Andre Deka (left) and Dave Timson (right)

Dave Timson

 is frontman and bassist for established band The Afterglow (with support at BBC6Music). Following many years and many releases with them, he felt the need however, to work on quite a different musical project. A project in which he could express through his own very personal and troubled formative experiences. Experiences that he believes should be shared publicly.

The name YJYJ (Yes!Jump!You!Jump!) is conjured by the words of an adult’s scream, addressed to Dave when labelled ‘a problem child’ at primary school. A scream still resounding in his ears today. ‘Hero In’, YJYJ’s debut album, tells of the strength that child showed, about the allegorical superhero he felt inside and of the day he decided to take the challenge and jump forward, beyond his troubles. His deepest memories, his toughest experiences and feelings, the loneliness, the brutality and the bullying he went through. The words and the melodies reflect a truly torrid time.

Andre Deka, young and talented producer and musician from Turin (Italy), has already worked with many prestigious recording studios worldwide. Punto Rec Studios in Turin (Lana Del Rey, PFM) and 123Production Studios in London (Florence and the Machine, Clean Bandit) among others. In 2016 he worked for six months as studio assistant at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, United States (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Maklemore, Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, OneRepublic) and despite now being back in Italy, he continues to collaborate with them on several international projects. As a musician, Andre has featured within a number of notable projects in the Italian independent music scene. He is a founder member of the band Italian Breakfast and has widely toured throughout Italy, Germany and other European countries.

Dave met Andre during a gig that The Afterglow were playing in Italy last year, Andre performing with another band there at the time. Deeply impressed by his sounds and skills, Dave asked Andre to join YJYJ and he agreed. The future of YJYJ therefore begins here, as painful ghosts from the past are potentially put to rest in a truly insightful, revealing and extremely (rare and) honest musical way.


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