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India: will Dalits abuse and murders ever come to an end? 

India: will Dalits abuse and murders ever come to an end? These people have less rights than a common pet enjoys in any European or American family.

It is shocking to learn that in India, still today and despite laws enforced back in 1949, the Dalits (or untouchables) are treated as inferior human beings. Among the shameful consequences, shameful for a nation that in theory is a democracy, there is the unacceptable ‘habit’ (because this is such) of raping (better: gang raping) and then killing Dalit girls, without ever facing any consequences. Even worst: should a victim of such an hideous crime survive, it is her who is likely to face consequences, such as being harassed by her very assailants for public ‘shaming’ them.

As one strikingly reads in Rose George’s extraordinary “The Big Necessity” book: ‘untouchability does not apply when it comes to vaginas’. According to the (definitely incomplete and therefore reductive) data of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, thirteen Dalits were murdered per week and three Dalit women were raped every day over the five years preceding Rose George’s book publishing (2008).

Please read this article from the Times of India, just to begin. It is the tip of an iceberg and you will need guts to go beyond it: but please do, and then do something to help the Dalit girls and women.

There are several organizations that deal with this matter, you can choose your path.



The new collection of scores composed by Fabius Constable is dedicated to tango: “Tango music is passion, rhythm, alchemy and fusion. In this collection you will find a different point of view on the music for the Celtic Harp: new techniques, new tuning sets and new concepts that will make your harping even more spectacular”

You can buy it here

Visit the Keltango website

The Afterglow Greatest Hints 

The Afterglow Greatest Hints

Ignorelands recently released a widely comprehensive collection of The Afterglow songs titled "Things I’ve lost" (2004-2017 the Greatest Hints). It ranges from their very beginning (a couple of demos dated 2004 that made them strike their first recording deal: "Pride" and "Mum") to the latest 2017 release "Strong words softly spoken". Although the band never achieved success on a full scale, The Afterglow enjoyed wide popularity in both Italy (especially in Piedmont and in their hometown Turin) and England (with a strong fanbase in Liverpool). Thanks to a stream of strong singles from the first two albums ("Decalogue of modern life" and "Sorry.") they received a fairly good international airplay also in the US and Australia, topping several indie radio charts with singles like "Journey", "Love", "Before the afternoon", and doubling these bright results more recently with "I still go" in Europe and "Michael Ironmonger" in America. The Turin based trio counts on Dave Timson (voice, bass), Mik Lennard (guitars, piano) and Alex Cherry (drums), all of them songwriters (although Timson/Lennard are the main band’s authors). Over the years The Afterglow worked with some of the top players in the music business, from artistic producer Steve Orchard to EMI Music Publishing UK, shared the stage with the Editors, were supported by sponsors such as bikers giant company Suomy, and were backed by BBC6 and XFM. The Afterglow could easily be named "the greatest band that never made it" but I would advice to add 'yet' at the end of the slogan: a new EP is on its way, see you all next Autumn...

The Celtic Harp Orchestra Scores Collection 

The Celtic Harp Orchestra Scores Collection

Longtime awaited by Celtic Harp Orchestra fans and celtic harp students from all over the world, the first official collection of CHO music sheets has finally been released by Illiterate Move Book Publishing. 'The Scores Collection’ contains music sheets of Fabius Constable’s original compositions excerpted from the albums released by the CHO so far. You can now buy the Scores Collection on Lulu.

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