BREAKING NEWS: Father Xmas brought us YJYJ

Dave Timson is The Afterglow's frontman and bassist, you can find many info about him/them on this website. Andre Deka is a young and talented producer and musician from Turin (Italy) which has already worked with many important recording studios worldwide (Punto Rec Studios in Turin/Lana Del Rey, 123Production Studios in London/Florence and the Machine, London Bridge Studios in Seattle, United States/Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, among the others).

YJYJ is their project.

"YJYJ (Yes!Jump!You!Jump!) is an adult's scream addressed to Dave when he was a problem child at primary school, a scream still sounding in his ears and which he felt the need to spread. 'hero in', YJYJ's debut album, tells about the strenght that child showed, about the little superhero he had inside, the day he decided to take the challenge, and to jump beyond all his troubles. His deepest memories, his toughest experiences and feelings, his loneliness, the brutality and bullying he went through, start coming out in music in this record." 

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