India: will Dalits abuse and murders ever come to an end?

India: will Dalits abuse and murders ever come to an end? These people have less rights than a common pet enjoys in any European or American family.

It is shocking to learn that in India, still today and despite laws enforced back in 1949, the Dalits (or untouchables) are treated as inferior human beings. Among the shameful consequences, shameful for a nation that in theory is a democracy, there is the unacceptable ‘habit’ (because this is such) of raping (better: gang raping) and then killing Dalit girls, without ever facing any consequences. Even worst: should a victim of such an hideous crime survive, it is her who is likely to face consequences, such as being harassed by her very assailants for public ‘shaming’ them.

As one strikingly reads in Rose George’s extraordinary “The Big Necessity” book: ‘untouchability does not apply when it comes to vaginas’. According to the (definitely incomplete and therefore reductive) data of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, thirteen Dalits were murdered per week and three Dalit women were raped every day over the five years preceding Rose George’s book publishing (2008).

Please read this article from the Times of India, just to begin. It is the tip of an iceberg and you will need guts to go beyond it: but please do, and then do something to help the Dalit girls and women.

There are several organizations that deal with this matter, you can choose your path.

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