The Afterglow Greatest Hints

The Afterglow Greatest Hints

Ignorelands recently released a widely comprehensive collection of The Afterglow songs titled "Things I’ve lost" (2004-2017 the Greatest Hints). It ranges from their very beginning (a couple of demos dated 2004 that made them strike their first recording deal: "Pride" and "Mum") to the latest 2017 release "Strong words softly spoken". Although the band never achieved success on a full scale, The Afterglow enjoyed wide popularity in both Italy (especially in Piedmont and in their hometown Turin) and England (with a strong fanbase in Liverpool). Thanks to a stream of strong singles from the first two albums ("Decalogue of modern life" and "Sorry.") they received a fairly good international airplay also in the US and Australia, topping several indie radio charts with singles like "Journey", "Love", "Before the afternoon", and doubling these bright results more recently with "I still go" in Europe and "Michael Ironmonger" in America. The Turin based trio counts on Dave Timson (voice, bass), Mik Lennard (guitars, piano) and Alex Cherry (drums), all of them songwriters (although Timson/Lennard are the main band’s authors). Over the years The Afterglow worked with some of the top players in the music business, from artistic producer Steve Orchard to EMI Music Publishing UK, shared the stage with the Editors, were supported by sponsors such as bikers giant company Suomy, and were backed by BBC6 and XFM. The Afterglow could easily be named "the greatest band that never made it" but I would advice to add 'yet' at the end of the slogan: a new EP is on its way, see you all next Autumn...

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