YJYJ are Andre Deka (left) and Dave Timson (right)
YJYJ are Andre Deka (left) and Dave Timson (right)

Dave Timson

 is frontman and bassist for established band The Afterglow (with support at BBC6Music). Following many years and many releases with them, he felt the need however, to work on quite a different musical project. A project in which he could express through his own very personal and troubled formative experiences. Experiences that he believes should be shared publicly.

The name YJYJ (Yes!Jump!You!Jump!) is conjured by the words of an adult’s scream, addressed to Dave when labelled ‘a problem child’ at primary school. A scream still resounding in his ears today. ‘Hero In’, YJYJ’s debut album, tells of the strength that child showed, about the allegorical superhero he felt inside and of the day he decided to take the challenge and jump forward, beyond his troubles. His deepest memories, his toughest experiences and feelings, the loneliness, the brutality and the bullying he went through. The words and the melodies reflect a truly torrid time.

Andre Deka, young and talented producer and musician from Turin (Italy), has already worked with many prestigious recording studios worldwide. Punto Rec Studios in Turin (Lana Del Rey, PFM) and 123Production Studios in London (Florence and the Machine, Clean Bandit) among others. In 2016 he worked for six months as studio assistant at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, United States (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Maklemore, Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, OneRepublic) and despite now being back in Italy, he continues to collaborate with them on several international projects. As a musician, Andre has featured within a number of notable projects in the Italian independent music scene. He is a founder member of the band Italian Breakfast and has widely toured throughout Italy, Germany and other European countries.

Dave met Andre during a gig that The Afterglow were playing in Italy last year, Andre performing with another band there at the time. Deeply impressed by his sounds and skills, Dave asked Andre to join YJYJ and he agreed. The future of YJYJ therefore begins here, as painful ghosts from the past are potentially put to rest in a truly insightful, revealing and extremely (rare and) honest musical way. 

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