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Longtime awaited from fans all over the world, Celtic Harp Orchestra 'The Origins Collection' has finally hit the digital stores and Spotify. It contains tracks from the first four albums released during the first decade of the 2000s by the famed orchestra. Personally chosen by conductor Fabius Constable, 'The Origins Collection' tracklist witnesses the growth of the ensemble and of the project designed by Constable.
Ignorelands Corporate Platinum Record. A concept album related to the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. It represents a change in musical style, as some of the new tracks were composed whilst touring the Far East and later rearranged with the addition of a rock trio: electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. This recording session was held at Auditoria Records, near Como, paving the way for the lasting collaboration with producer Aki Chindamo. An experiment that was worth the nomination of 'Best Album' and 'Best Recording' at the Prog Academy Awards that year.
The Myst: CD
  • The Myst: CD
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Ignorelands Corporate Platinum Record. The Myst is the third studio album recorded by the Celtic Harp Orchestra. Originally released in 2005 by Silent Revolution Ltd, since spring 2017 it is distributed by Ignorelands Records.

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Got the magic was recorded 'live unprotected' in a Renaissance castle outside Milan. It contains a few 'celtic standards' such as Brian Boru or the Morrison Jig and immediately contributed in establishing the orchestra as a main act all over Europe.

NAMAR (The hidden water agorà) is the place where the West of the East lands and the East of the West lands get mixed together in a big hug. The same spot that has always and will always inspire our music. The same spot where our music originated. The record name had to represent a symbolic link between basic, even though different and complementary, languages. NAMAR symbolically embodies the crucial point of unsolved utopias of unfinished dreams, the sensitive centre of gravity of the world's man and of his restless soul. It is a water land, a free area full of unforeseeable events and unlikely intersections, an atavistic crossroad of other sounds, colours, memories and poems. (Instruments: oud, santur, gadulka, tambora, guitar, guitarron, doublebass, tenor and soprano sax, tabla, darbouka, tar, riq, udu drum, cymbals, effects)

After closing the file on 'Namar', 'Buonvento' the next work, is an opposite against threatening clouds gathering on the horizon, re-animating the weathervane beating inside ourselves; a soul 'anemometer' recording our inner state. When someone starts sailing, 'have a good wind' ('buonvento') is the wish. Thinking life as a journey, we like to believe, even without Debussy's elegance, our music could be a wish and wind too. A wind that in hard moments of our existence could breathe life into our soul, could give the necessary rush to set out again  on the  right course. Within the 14 tracks of 'Buonvento' (that took two years to create), we tried to look beyond East and West. Beyond the Euro-centric West, beyond the Celtic North and the Mediterranean South, to find other compositive inspirations. The introduction of voice in two songs; 'Bonvent' and 'Illunando' is here an innovation for Aksak Project.

(14 tracks – instruments: oud, santur, saz baglama, cello, guitar, indian harmonium, doublebass, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, udu drum, darbouka, cajon, bendir, riq, kalimba, cymbals, effects and voices)

Here are our 'sounds of the world' (from Sardinian 'sonos' and Latin 'mundi'); at least, the sounds we have come to know and recognize during our explorations of life and music, a compilation of sounds and atmospheres running around and throughout the globe - from East to West, North to South - in an attempt to bless us with an emotion. We felt the need to leave a live recording of our music.. We wanted to put ourselves at stake by offering a good 'first take' job and included the violin which belongs to our own culture and tradition. We focussed on the inspiration and passion of those who have worked together with us in order to make this project successful. Here you'll find a selection of the most representative tracks of our repertoire, as well as others where the vigorous 'intrusions' of Eloisa Manera's violin (who did not take part in the studio recording) take possession of the scene. The music is given a new form and raises in emotional stature and effect. The sound take is exactly the one given by the mixer during the concert (thus, making it impossible to re-process the audio material at a later stage). We could call it a genuine and spontaneous self-shot (a 'selfie' if you like) of what happened on an around the stage during our performance.

(8 tracks – instruments: violin, oud, guitar, saz baglama, cello, indian harmonium, doublebass, soprano sax, wind midi controller, udu drum, darbouka, cajon, bendir, ocean drum, cymbals, effects and voices)

Flight attendant on long haul routes, Pateo is a polyglot globetrotter with a strong sense for languages and places musicality who enjoys hunting around for sounds by means of a portable field recorder. Intrigued by the potentials of technology in contemporary music, Pateo attended Ableton Live and virtual synth classes and likes Berlin’s “Loop”, a yearly summit for music makers, artists, technologists and creative thinkers. “Homeworks” is the outcome of Pateo’s Ableton and synth classes, a little collection of actual course exercises where playful experimentation with the newly acquired music tools and freedom from pre-determined genres result in simple, yet fresh and original tracks. Some of “Homeworks” compositions are descriptive (a thunderstorm approaching over a pond and its agitated toads on a hot summer day, the blurry sounds of the underwater world and of submarine creatures passing by…), some others are atmospherical, like the joyful-funkyish “Galangal” or the bright, wide “Air”.  

'While travelling, we met Birikuz'

'Fregola' is the need to leave for a new world, to meet new people and different cultures. 'Ajde Jano' (a Serbian folk song) and 'Jovano Jovanke' (a Macedonian folk song) ask us to look at the future through the eyes of tradition. Musical freedom takes us to a farther East, to the klezmer world of 'Klez Tu'. 'Klezmer Moment' opens the curtains of a circus that fascinates children and makes the adults naive. Then there is the love of 'Morj Shej' (a Hungarian Romani gypsy lullaby), and the unexpected, imaginary love of 'Manuswing'. The frantic, euphoric, colourful dance of 'Mazel Tov' (an Ashkenazi Jewish folk song) frames tradition under a good star, right before the bag full of words and emotions named 'Birikuz' that will take us all to 'Balcania', a traditional Italian song (Romagna mia) mixed with a taste of folk music from the Balkans.

'Niente apparente' is the fourth album released by (Piccola Orchestra) Ochtopus back in year 2010, the sequel to the widely acclaimed 'Calamares pra passejo' (2004).

'Calamares pra passejo' is the third album released by (Piccola Orchestra) Ochtopus back in 2004. Originally from Ravenna in Italy, a city full of history, arts and culture, known worldwide for its architecture and mosaics - an environment rich of stimuli for a posse of like-minded musicians - thanks to this album the band was brought onto the international stage of folk and contemporary music. "Calamares pra passejo' contains tentacular renditions of 'Take five', 'Music for a found harmonium' and "Entre dos aguas'. Unmissable! 

Decalogue of Modern Life
  • Decalogue of Modern Life
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The Afterglow first album (2006 Silent Revolution/EMI Music Publishing UK): mixed by Steve Orchard and mastered by Kevin Metcalfe DML contains the hit singles Journey, Love and Setting Sun. A brit-rock classic, unmissable!

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'Love's the cure' EP contains the hit single 'Love' that topped several tv & radio charts in Australia, UK and the US during the year 2005. The Love videoclip was hot in London on the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf, in a flat inside One Canada Square skyscraper. Special guests the British Suicide Girls.

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'Modern life virus' EP was the official debut of The Afterglow. It contained the hit single 'Journey' that raided several radio charts all over Europe, Australia and the USA. The Journey videoclip was also on heavy rotation on MTV.

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