Flight attendant on long haul routes, Pateo is a polyglot globetrotter with a strong sense for languages and places musicality who enjoys hunting around for sounds by means of a portable field recorder. Intrigued by the potentials of technology in contemporary music, Pateo attended Ableton Live and virtual synth classes and likes Berlin’s “Loop”, a yearly summit for music makers, artists, technologists and creative thinkers.

“Homeworks” is the outcome of Pateo’s Ableton and synth classes, a little collection of actual course exercises where playful experimentation with the newly acquired music tools and freedom from pre-determined genres result in simple, yet fresh and original tracks. Some of “Homeworks” compositions are descriptive (a thunderstorm approaching over a pond and its agitated toads on a hot summer day, the blurry sounds of the underwater world and of submarine creatures passing by…), some others are atmospherical, like the joyful-funkyish “Galangal” or the bright, wide “Air”.