'While travelling, we met Birikuz'
Piccola Orchestra Ochtopus was born in 1996 and originally simply called 'Ochtopus', buskers keen on mixing instruments in an unconventional way. Originally from Ravenna in Italy, a city full of history, arts and culture, known worldwide for its architecture and mosaics - an environment rich of stimuli for a posse of like-minded musicians.

For their origins, the band played at the On The Road Festival in Pelago in 1997 and again in 1999. and soon started describing their music as 'tentacular', a pun related to the Ochtopus name, but also analogous to their need to tell the world: we do music our own multi-tastic way! Members have changed often over the twenty years since the Ochtopus inception, many musicians and friends stayed for quite a while, sharing artistic views: music is sharing, acceptance, emotions, from the Balkans, from Romagna (the band's region), from dear old Europe...

The debut album 'E’ LA QUINTINA CHE M’INCASINA' (1998) has echoes of cinematic music intertwined with different musical ideas further developed in later works. During its merry-go-round of musician membership, the band experimented with percussion and other instruments creating a sort of small musician/musical circus (the bitter happiness of clowns, the cockiness of tamers, the elegance of tightrope walkers, the bravery of trapeze artists...) leading to their second full length release 'PARAPONZIPO’ (2001).

Ochtopus continued to walk their musical path by playing live in square after square, city after city releasing two more acclaimed albums 'CALAMARES PRA PASSEJO' (2004) and 'NIENTE APPARENTE' (2010). In 2014 they were reborn when Ochtopus finally became Piccola Orchestra Ochtopus, with more new friends and band members. They are now ready to release their fifth album entitled 'BIRIKUZ' aimed at exploring the rich and fascinating world of Klezmer. Ignorelands Record Label will release this and all previous Piccola Orchestra Ochtopus works before Summer 2017.

1998 - 'E’ la quintina che m’incasina' - Musica in campo
2001 - 'Paraponzipò' - Musica in campo
2004 - 'Calamares pra passejo' - EW Records
2010 - 'Niente Apparente' - EW Records
2017 - 'Birikuz' - Ignorelands Record Label
2003 - Short film 'Passeggiata in paradiso' by Stefania Galeati.
2008 - Documentary 'Il Salinaro di Cervia, custode dell’oro bianco'
published by La Dama Sognatrice.