Here you can buy our music (cds, vinyls, k7s, mp3s) and merchandising, but you can also follow the links to Spotify in order to listen to our catalogue in streaming.

Although Spotify pays very low rates to artists and labels, it is a legal, official and strictly regulated service that lets anyone, even with a free account, listen to a lot of high quality musical contents - including our acts'.

We are not against piracy if the users download, search for, listen to, and share information related to music content. In this way it is a virtuous circle that leads to an expanding fan base and to a more and better informed audience.

We are definitely against piracy when it means downloading in bulk, paying no attention to artists, titles, genres, labels; when it means young listeners never getting to know who they are listening to and what they are listening to. 

So, Spotify is free and is much better than dull piracy: please, go for it.

Just follow the submenu tags of this section to reach our music and merchandising shops!

Thank you for your time : )